For my first week in uni, we were given the word ‘Explore’ to interpret and visualize on paper, through a picture or a poem. The following pictures and sketches are my own interpretations of the word.


I took a picture of the view of Dundee from my bedroom window as it is a new place for me to explore which is why i included it in.


For me, this embodies the word ‘explore’ as you see with your eyes things that you have and want to explore. The background represents the universe in a more diluted form because in my point of view there are still things out there that we still haven’t explored.


I took this picture when I went back to Philippines for a month long vacation. We were on a pump boat going around to explore the other islands near Boracay Island which is a beach resort that is famous for the white sandy beach and clear blue waters.


I drew this cave with a small but deep body of water inside which gives off a bio luminescent glow because of the large amount of algae blooms. i feel that it gives off an ethereal atmosphere which lights up the inside of the cave. i thought that it fitted the word as I see it as a pay off after cave exploring and finally you come upon this beautiful treasure inside after all the exhaustion of exploring.


This picture was taken before I jumped off the boat to go snorkeling and explore the barrier reefs and see all the fish swimming around. I had a wonderful experience with snorkeling, especially seeing all the colourful fish swimming and being able to get close to them.


i drew a treble clef because in music you can explore different instruments, playing techniques and music genres to suit to your taste. It allows us to explore a part of ourselves by expressing it through music.This is also a part of my personal life as I usually play about with music in my spare time and I also play some instruments such as the guitar. ukulele, etc.


I took a picture of our journey to the port where we would take a ferry to go to Boracay Island. We past many towns and villages from the city to the country and the difference was astonishing.


This image was taken at Dundee Law when my boyfriend and I went for a walk there to see the view from one of the highest point of Dundee. It was breathtaking even though the walk there was exhausting but it was all worth it at the end.


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