Second week’s word is ‘Culture’ and we went to the McManus Gallery to look for inspiration.


These branks which are also called ‘scold’s bridles’ were worn by women who were accused of slander or swearing to prevent them from speaking and were then led through the streets. Research suggests that the branks may have come from Belgium, Netherlands or Germany. I thought they looked creepy and just plain weird which was why I have decided to include it in this list.


i drew a sketch of the arctic fox because I thought it was such an interesting animal and I found them beautiful. They were hunted by the Inuits and their furs were used for clothing and as a source of income.

The shrunken head came from South America in the Upper Amazon. Tsantsa was a Shuar tribe ritual which is basically another name for making the shrunken heads. It was a tradition for Shuar men to take enemy heads to avenge the death of a relative and it was not seen as a violent act. I was intrigued by the head cuz of its small and unusual appearance.


This is an Egyptian sarcophagus commonly carved out of stone and displayed above the ground. It is used to lay a corpse to rest inside and usually accompanies other objects in the room if the corpse was of royal blood.


This is a sugar skull and they are commonly seen on Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the dead. I included this in the list because I really like the look of them and they vary in styles.


Geisha’s are traditional Japanese female entertainers who acts as hostesses for mostly male customers. They have been a part of Japan’s history for centuries and I thought they were beautiful.

I really enjoyed this weeks word because I can put more thought into it and come up with things that I really liked.


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