Character Inspirations

For my character inspiration I have done some research and remembered a movie called ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ which is a dark fantasy movie by Guillermo Del Toro. I looked at the mythical creatures from the movie such as the Faun, the Paleman and the fairies.


The Faun which is a half human half goat hybrid who guided the main protagonist in the movie and informed her of her true identity as a princess of the Underworld. It is neither good or evil.

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The Paleman is a monster from the film who’s well known for eating children. In his lair, Ofelia, the main protagonist, saw a large pile of childrens’ clothing and shoes which indicated that he ate the children entirely, leaving nothing but what they wore. He has no eyes but he does have a plate where he puts his eyeballs and if someone ate from the banquet of food. he wakes up, places the eyes on the palm of his hands and searches for his victim.

Paleman03 pans-labyrinth-22142736_orig

He can be seen eating one of the fairies on the image above.

The fairies can also be seen on the video as I couldn’t find a decent video still of them. They guided Ofelia to the Labyrinth where the Faun was. To other people who do not believe in them, they’re mere insects, but to those who believe they transform to a fairy.

im03 thumbblogentry-12583-0-73969600-1412647096im04

I created a creature using some elements of the Faun and the Paleman by combining the Palemans lanky figure and pointed fingers and with the Fauns tree like appearance.



Pinocchio is an old Disney film about a wooden puppet who will be turned into a real living boy if he proved himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish. He was carved by an old wood carver called Geppeto.

Alice-in-Wonderland-1951-alice-in-wonderland-1758948-640-476 img-thing

I have also decided to use Alice in Wonderland as one of my Audrey character inspiration as it fits well with my idea of what Audrey would be like and her personality.



Propaganda is seen as the art of persuasion. It is used to convinced others that your side of the story is correct.

The raised fist has been used in propaganda for so long to represent solidarity and support. It has been used by people who are fighting for their freedom and rights.

V from ‘V for Vendetta’ was a character who fought for the freedom of the people against the British Tyranny. Although he had good intentions, he did it in a more violent way which isn’t really the right way of doing it. However, I felt like he did what he had to do to save the people from the government as everything was controlled to the extreme.

Americans felt like their privacy was invaded when they heard that the NSA loos through their private emails and information. They were outraged and it caused a huge mistrust to the government.


This propaganda poster shows that the citizens of America weren’t allowed to talk about matters that the government thought was controversial. They don’t want them to think that they don’t have the freedom or right to talk about whatever they want because the government wants them to shut up and know their social status.

This is one of the more popular propaganda posters from America which is a poster with a man pointing at whoever is reading the poster and trying to persuade them to join the army for the good of their country by risking their life.

Women back then were seen as just someone who will stay at home to take care of the kids, cook and clean the house and wait for their husbands. However, during the war, since the men were off to serve their country, there was a shortage of men to do other jobs, so the women stepped up and did jobs that were considered hard labour. This poster shows that women can also do what guys can and it motivated other women to contribute as well.

This poster was created by the US office for the war to imply that by doing less work and taking a break helped the Axis powers which were composed of Germany, Italy and Japan. The poster is also quite racist by depicting the japanese in such a way that it is offensive.




I decided to draw a ball jointed ballerina figure before she performs a pirouette and the 4 curved shapes indicates the movement thats about to happen.

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve ( Halloween), I came up with this concept for the word movement where the eye is stopped from making a move such as blinking because of the hooks hooked in. The bloodshot veins emphasis the struggle of the individual during the process.

I also included this ventriloquist dummy because I think that it fits the requested word very well as it needs assistance from the ventriloquist to be able to move or speak. Its also seen as a creepy object by some people which adds to the halloween thing 😛

The woman above used her whole body to create a piece of art which involved her swinging her whole arm in a fluid motion to get smooth curves.

The image above is a picture of an optical illusion. In reality, the picture isn’t actually moving but our eyes perceives that it is because our brain translated it that way.

Pictures of the dancer was taken continuously whilst she performed, giving the sense of movement in a layered still image.

A low exposure on the camera was used to achieve the blurred effect when the bride was spinning around, showing signs of movement.

Culture: Final Image #1

For one of my final images, I decided to do the geisha from my culture topic. I have done some research and looked at the background and colors.treebitch

o-CHERRY-BLOSSOM-TREE-JAPAN-facebook cherry-blossom-tree-desktop-background

I looked at this images to use as a background but at the same time alter it to make it my own. I chose the first image because it was different from the usual images and painted on top of the image using Adobe Photoshop CC and then blended the colors all together so it didn’t look disconnected. Then, I blurred the edges to give it an out of focus effect. I also changed the color of some of the roots protruding on the ground to make it look like rocks.

geiko_by_valka memoirs-of-a-geisha.20130412080213

I also looked at geishas as I really liked the idea of doing one for one of my final images. I have seen documentaries about their lives and what they do; entertaining mainly male customers, play traditional instruments while another dances for entertainment, being an all-around hostess. They are trained by an ‘oka-san’ which is the owner of an ‘okiya’ which is basically a boarding house for maikos and geishas in training, where they will be staying at and the owner also pays for their training. They usually start at an early age around 13-15 as they begin their training as a ‘shikomi-san’ or a girl in training which lasts for a few years. Once they complete their training they would start preparing for their debut as junior maiko or a geisha apprentice where they observe other geishas during tea parties and ceremonies while wearing a similar attire and makeup. After 3 to 10 years they graduate into a full fledged geisha where they turn their collars and wear less flamboyant kimonos.

I also looked at the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ because of the unique colored eye that the protagonist has which I have incorporated into my image.


This was original idea where the final image is based off of and I decided to go with a different colored kimono to fit the background more and I also changed the color of her eyes to ice blue which I think is more piercing.


Kickstarter: Branding 

For my branding idea, I decided to research demon names to use as a part of my company name which I thought fitted well with the kind of game I want to do. I chose Belial, prince of trickery, and Hecate, queen of the witches. I played around with the title, attaching the word illusion at the end and swapping it with the synonyms of the word. I decided to do 6 different styles of font with the company name and also some logos which included a snake or a pentagram. I chose a snake for some because the snake is seen as a trickster such as in the bible where it tricked adam and eve into biting the forbidden apple and in jungle book. The pentagram is also seen as something that is evil or something to do with magic and witches.


I have come up with my final branding and logo using a mixture of the ideas above.

branding [Recovered]

I used an existing font and altered it to make it my own. Also, instead of leaving the snake black and with no eyes, I’ve decided to give it some texture and added an eye which I think worked really well. The combination of the whimsical font and the creepy snake perfectly goes with my game.

Kickstarter Ideas

I split my ideas into four subjects and then thought of more specific area to narrow down what I wanted to do.

In the end, I chose to do a game related kickstarter which is a videogame where the main character is a ball-jointed doll I call Audrey.

Typography in Illustrator


Last week, we were assigned to finish a typography task and illustrate the words given; cold/hot, delightful,tired, repetition, greedy and dizzy.

I filled the word ‘cool’ with a color that’s generally related to coldness,created icicles and added a blurred effect for the outlines. For hot, I decided to also go with the colors related to fire and hotness and did an ombre of that with the a patchy effect on the outlines. I also decided to paint a fire on top of the letter ‘O’ to further emphasis the hotness.

For delightful I did a gradient of color of teal to the lightest and then it gets darker again to green and its also curved.

For tired, I decided to make the letters look tired as the word suggests, flipped and rotated some of the words and then added yellow stars and a crescent moon at the top of the letter ‘i’. I made the ‘r’ look like it was sleeping which is why it has zzz on it.


For repetition, I have decided to make it into different, unedited fonts and repeated it four times. However, each time the word is repeated it gets simpler and more ‘boring’ as the longer you repeat something it becomes an annoyance.

I decided to replace the letter ‘e’s into pound signs which resembles the capital ‘E’ to show hoe greediness is mostly attach to money along with other things such as eating too much food. The color scheme goes back to the seven deadly sins but I have decided to make the pound signs pop by changing it into a yellow outline.

I arched the word ‘dizzy’ over and over again into a whirlpool appearance while making it lighter from the outer to the inner area which I think worked effectively when illustrating the word.

It was fun to come up with the ideas on how to illustrate the words and really make it yours. Playing around with it was the best way to come to a final decision.

Neverending Nightmares


I have decided to use this as an inspiration as I have always like the genre and the visual style really drew me to it. I also like the colour palette which is limited but I thought it got the atmosphere they were trying to depict right and they did it successfully. Just by watching it, it was giving off an inception feeling because whenever the protagonist in the game would die in a nightmare, he would wake up in another one which is what the title ‘Neverending Nightmares’ is suggesting.

neni1 neni2 neni3 neni4

Bouncing Ball Flash Animation

teal ball

I made this bouncing ball gif on Adobe Flash for Elementary Animation. It was my first time using the application but it was easy to get use to as everything was straightforward. It was quite frustrating at times when deleting some frames because at times I would delete a few frames and that kept happening so I had to either undo it or do it all over again. Overall though the whole experience was generally positive.

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