Eggcelent Instruction

For this task we were put in a group of 3 and were asked to make an instruction on how to boil an egg without using any words , numbers or letters.

We were all asked to sketch our own individual ideas and then get together to combine all our ideas together, picking out what we think are the best to understand.

This is my own instruction for boiling an egg. When I found out that we couldn’t use any words or letters, it immediately made me think of old silent films. I incorporated the frame from the old movies to give it a somewhat similar appearance and the same goes for the colour scheme.

For our final group decision, we decided on this style but ran out of time which is why it doesn’t look complete. It has a more cartoon-y look to it and the inanimate objects were also brought to life by the expressions drawn on them.

It was a quite fun practical session as I was able to see everyones way of interpretation  whether its a more realistic one or an animated one.


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