Wizard School

I found this very successful kickstarter by DFTBA Games called ‘Wizard School’ and they have surpassed their pledge by wuite a lot and with a lot of time left to go.

I thought that it looked cool and interesting and the art style is also very cartoonish.


This screenshot contains the information about what’s included in the card game and more designs from the game.


These are their pledge levels which is the gifts the donators get when the game comes out. As you can see, the more the donators donate the more gifts they get or whatever the conditions are.


Stretch goals are the goals the company/people behind the kickstarter set for themselves and at the same time allows them to add more stuff for the game.

The overall kickstarter screenshots all relate to the chosen genre and has a particular colour theme which is good as it can be recognised quite easily. The art style is consistent which most likely made it successful.


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