Adobe Illustrator Exercise


In Adobe Illustrator, we were asked to make several unique shapes out of regular basic shapes and play around with them. I came up with 11 different shapes which are unusual and truly came from my mind. I challenged my inner creativeness and pushed the boundaries of the very definition of the word ‘shape’.

The colors also played a huge part in adding a character to each distinctive shapes. I decided to add some effects such as gradients and fade for some of them which made them even more quirky in my opinion. One of them reminds me of royalty such as the green gem stone color gradient encased with a gold gradient because it reminded me of the movie Aladdin where the princess was wearing a light teal outfit with gold accents.

Overall the exercise was a fun way to let out our creativeness and childlike imagination. I found that the shapes didn’t have to be strictly basic and I felt free being able to conduct the way they looked.


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