Kickstarter Project: Audrey

For my kickstarter project, I have decided on a videogame which I’m calling ‘Audrey’ at the moment as I am still choosing as to what title I would want for it. I have done some research on somewhat similar games to what I want my game to look like.
Its in the fantasy-horror genre because of the influence of some fairytales and I thought, I liked that genre anyway, so why not make a videogame around it?

The Story:

Audrey, a human girl, was left to wander all alone through the forest; as punishment for the atrocities she has done against its creatures. A curse was casted upon her; she was doomed to lose her humanity little by little the longer she stayed in the forest.

Will she be able to make it out in time?

The Visual Style:

I went for the minimalist appearance but in black and white with some muted and bright colours for certain stuff. It’s somewhat similar to the game ‘Neverending Nightmares’ which also started out as a kickstarter but is now out and you can buy it on steam. It was also inspired by the game ‘Limbo’ which is also an indie game and the movie Sin City. Devastated Dreams is the unsuccessful successor to ‘Neverending Nightmares’ but it has a similar visual design and is also one of the inspirations. Its going to be 2D with some 3D animation mixed in.

I think that it will give the audience a huge nostalgia feel and effect as I have based it off of the fairytales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and also Alice in Wonderland. I have also decided to have some twist in the game and its aimed at a 16+ audience as it will get quite gruesome.

(Sidenote: I haven’t thought of any stretch goals at the moment but I’m in the process of making a list)


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