Typography in Illustrator


Last week, we were assigned to finish a typography task and illustrate the words given; cold/hot, delightful,tired, repetition, greedy and dizzy.

I filled the word ‘cool’ with a color that’s generally related to coldness,created icicles and added a blurred effect for the outlines. For hot, I decided to also go with the colors related to fire and hotness and did an ombre of that with the a patchy effect on the outlines. I also decided to paint a fire on top of the letter ‘O’ to further emphasis the hotness.

For delightful I did a gradient of color of teal to the lightest and then it gets darker again to green and its also curved.

For tired, I decided to make the letters look tired as the word suggests, flipped and rotated some of the words and then added yellow stars and a crescent moon at the top of the letter ‘i’. I made the ‘r’ look like it was sleeping which is why it has zzz on it.


For repetition, I have decided to make it into different, unedited fonts and repeated it four times. However, each time the word is repeated it gets simpler and more ‘boring’ as the longer you repeat something it becomes an annoyance.

I decided to replace the letter ‘e’s into pound signs which resembles the capital ‘E’ to show hoe greediness is mostly attach to money along with other things such as eating too much food. The color scheme goes back to the seven deadly sins but I have decided to make the pound signs pop by changing it into a yellow outline.

I arched the word ‘dizzy’ over and over again into a whirlpool appearance while making it lighter from the outer to the inner area which I think worked effectively when illustrating the word.

It was fun to come up with the ideas on how to illustrate the words and really make it yours. Playing around with it was the best way to come to a final decision.


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