Kickstarter: Branding 

For my branding idea, I decided to research demon names to use as a part of my company name which I thought fitted well with the kind of game I want to do. I chose Belial, prince of trickery, and Hecate, queen of the witches. I played around with the title, attaching the word illusion at the end and swapping it with the synonyms of the word. I decided to do 6 different styles of font with the company name and also some logos which included a snake or a pentagram. I chose a snake for some because the snake is seen as a trickster such as in the bible where it tricked adam and eve into biting the forbidden apple and in jungle book. The pentagram is also seen as something that is evil or something to do with magic and witches.


I have come up with my final branding and logo using a mixture of the ideas above.

branding [Recovered]

I used an existing font and altered it to make it my own. Also, instead of leaving the snake black and with no eyes, I’ve decided to give it some texture and added an eye which I think worked really well. The combination of the whimsical font and the creepy snake perfectly goes with my game.


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