Culture: Final Image #1

For one of my final images, I decided to do the geisha from my culture topic. I have done some research and looked at the background and colors.treebitch

o-CHERRY-BLOSSOM-TREE-JAPAN-facebook cherry-blossom-tree-desktop-background

I looked at this images to use as a background but at the same time alter it to make it my own. I chose the first image because it was different from the usual images and painted on top of the image using Adobe Photoshop CC and then blended the colors all together so it didn’t look disconnected. Then, I blurred the edges to give it an out of focus effect. I also changed the color of some of the roots protruding on the ground to make it look like rocks.

geiko_by_valka memoirs-of-a-geisha.20130412080213

I also looked at geishas as I really liked the idea of doing one for one of my final images. I have seen documentaries about their lives and what they do; entertaining mainly male customers, play traditional instruments while another dances for entertainment, being an all-around hostess. They are trained by an ‘oka-san’ which is the owner of an ‘okiya’ which is basically a boarding house for maikos and geishas in training, where they will be staying at and the owner also pays for their training. They usually start at an early age around 13-15 as they begin their training as a ‘shikomi-san’ or a girl in training which lasts for a few years. Once they complete their training they would start preparing for their debut as junior maiko or a geisha apprentice where they observe other geishas during tea parties and ceremonies while wearing a similar attire and makeup. After 3 to 10 years they graduate into a full fledged geisha where they turn their collars and wear less flamboyant kimonos.

I also looked at the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ because of the unique colored eye that the protagonist has which I have incorporated into my image.


This was original idea where the final image is based off of and I decided to go with a different colored kimono to fit the background more and I also changed the color of her eyes to ice blue which I think is more piercing.



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