I decided to draw a ball jointed ballerina figure before she performs a pirouette and the 4 curved shapes indicates the movement thats about to happen.

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve ( Halloween), I came up with this concept for the word movement where the eye is stopped from making a move such as blinking because of the hooks hooked in. The bloodshot veins emphasis the struggle of the individual during the process.

I also included this ventriloquist dummy because I think that it fits the requested word very well as it needs assistance from the ventriloquist to be able to move or speak. Its also seen as a creepy object by some people which adds to the halloween thing 😛

The woman above used her whole body to create a piece of art which involved her swinging her whole arm in a fluid motion to get smooth curves.

The image above is a picture of an optical illusion. In reality, the picture isn’t actually moving but our eyes perceives that it is because our brain translated it that way.

Pictures of the dancer was taken continuously whilst she performed, giving the sense of movement in a layered still image.

A low exposure on the camera was used to achieve the blurred effect when the bride was spinning around, showing signs of movement.


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