Name in Photography


We were given the task of taking images of objects and structures to compose the letters from our names.

I took photographs of different household objects and also of some structures from some places. I put the individual letter images first and then put them all together so that it looks complete and actually makes up my name without having to scroll up and down the page.


Kickstarter: Business Card and Comps Slip

I made my business card and comp slip on illustrator with the help of research as to what it contains on the piece of paper.


The image above is the business card I made which contains the company name, my name and title, email, website, phone number and telephone number. I decided to go with a minimal design that still represents the palette of my kickstarter with a linear gradiel of dark to light grey.


I used the logo of my company name for the comps slip and just put the website and telephone number of the company. I used the same colour palette as the business card with the same linear gradientas the business card and with the short message in light green to make it stand out from the background.

Code: Final Image #4

For my fourth and final image, I chose the word ‘code’. I looked into it a bit more and found different types of codes such as a QR code, bar code, etc.

I then had the idea of putting a bar code on a person which refers to human trafficking and how people are sold like they are mere objects. I thought of the kind of setting they would be in and thought of how they portrayed it in movies.



I imagined it as dilapidated rooms and somewhat dirty like it was also used for drug dealings.

This scene from the movie ‘Taken’ was also an ideal background for my image.


I also looked at how a person would look looking off to the side but with a bar code below the nape of their neck.


I ended up with this image at the end and cropped the first background image so that it would suit to my liking. I also added a wash of yellow/white tint over her head to simulate the look of a lightbulb over her shining down.



Movement: Final Image #2

For my second final image, I chose the word ‘movement’ but instead of doing something that depicts movement or describes it, I have decided to create an image for a lack of movement which I think is a different way of thinking when it comes to the word.

I was inspired by the upcoming holiday which was Halloween and my mind just started thinking of different ways I could incorporate that into the word as one of my ideas and finally as one of my finals. I thought of the movie ‘Clockwork Orange’ which had a scene where the eye was restricted of movement like it was being prepared for an examination or experiment.Eye8

For me, it gives a sense of frightfulness and makes people feel horrified by the fact that their eyes are about to be sliced open for examination.

I then started thinking of a unique way to create the picture and decided that I wanted some element of something mythical, a legend or supernatural. I liked the idea of  amber/yellow eyes which is usually seen on lycanthrope or a werewolf other than in the twilight series where the vampires had the amber eyes. I started researching more werewolf pics for ideas and came up with these pictures.

Teen-Wolf-Eyes Isaac_memories

The last two images are from the TV series called ‘Teen Wolf’ which is mostly about werewolves.


At the end I ended up with this image which is a werewolf being examined by a sadistic group of scientist and are hungry for knowledge about their species. The individual is still in their human form except for the eyes which can be clearly seen as otherworldly. Its a color that’s not seen on any human and the bloodshot eye I think adds to the whole distress of the one being examined.

Updated Final Image Below:Eyevl


For the word ‘code’, I thought of how there are different types of codes such as a barcode, QR code etc. There’s also Binary code and Morse code which are languages used by individuals doing coding or programming.

  I came up with the idea of putting a barcode on a girl to show that she is seen as an item to be bought and not as a human being.

The image above contains binary code in a matrix style composition.

I see this as an individual who is a hacker, trying to hack something using coding and various commands on the computer.

The girl above relates to my second idea because in a way it also depicts human trafficking by having a bar code on her forehead and a rope wrapped around her neck which signifies that she is trap and cannot escape.


This portrait of Leonardo DaVinci is made up of morse code.

Kickstarter: Official Audrey and the Creatures


This is Audrey in game in her cursed doll form which I created on photoshop using the palette from the video still image. creatures

This are the creatures with some alterations on the tall humanoid creatures and filled in with color.