Kickstarter: Creatures


I have two main creatures; The Creature which is the monster inspired by the paleman and the faun, and a Caedes (means slaughter in latin) which is mostly inspired by the movie ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, a venus flytrap and a lot of vines.

The creature is the main antagonist, he plays around with Audrey’s surroundings and little is known about him. It is not known if he is just the right hand man of the creature or entity that cursed Audrey or if he is The One Creature. He can be seen hiding behind the trees in the forest, stalking Audrey and wreaking havoc.

The Caedes is a vined creature that if disturbed, unravels the vines and reveal a flower that opens up like a mouth with a lot of razor sharp teeth and an elongated tongue. It uses its vines to grab anything in site and devour them as it is a carnivorous plant.


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