Code: Final Image #4

For my fourth and final image, I chose the word ‘code’. I looked into it a bit more and found different types of codes such as a QR code, bar code, etc.

I then had the idea of putting a bar code on a person which refers to human trafficking and how people are sold like they are mere objects. I thought of the kind of setting they would be in and thought of how they portrayed it in movies.



I imagined it as dilapidated rooms and somewhat dirty like it was also used for drug dealings.

This scene from the movie ‘Taken’ was also an ideal background for my image.


I also looked at how a person would look looking off to the side but with a bar code below the nape of their neck.


I ended up with this image at the end and cropped the first background image so that it would suit to my liking. I also added a wash of yellow/white tint over her head to simulate the look of a lightbulb over her shining down.




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