Story Research

For Dynamic Communications, we were tasked to find a story we can create an interactive digital format of. I was stuck between Edgar Allan Poe’s stories, Creepypastas or Japanese Urban Legends.

The stories I picked for the choices for Poe were ‘The Tell-tale Heart’ and ‘The Black Cat’. The Tell-tale Heart is about a man who had an unusual ‘disease’ which heightens his senses, especially his hearing. He loved the old man but hated to be around him because of the one pale blue eye with a film over it of the older gent so he decides to kill him to be free of its gaze. The narrator goes to the older mans room for seven days at midnight to put a lantern and shine it on the older man’s eye but the older man kept it shut, so the narrator felt safe as long as the eye was close. On the Eighth night, the old man heard the narrator and woke up. The narrator waited for awhile and then lunges into the pitch dark room with a scream, shining the light into the old mans eye. He drags the man off the bed who only got to screamed once and put the bed over him until the older man’s heart stopped beating. The narrator lifted the bed and checked if the old man was really dead, and he was, then cut up the remains and hid it under the floor boards. Three police officers came after a neighbour called after hearing a scream. He told the police it was him who screamed and that the old man was away which convinced them that nothing bad was going on. He brings them to the old mans room and they all sat and chatted and then he suddenly started hearing ticking noises which got louder and louder. This made the narrator freaked out and confessed that he killed the old man and pointed to where the old mans heart and remains were, stating that it was the old mans heart that was ticking.

The Black Cat was about a man who had a love for animals, writing from his jail cell about the events that happened before. His love for animals became stronger as time passes by, and with a wife who also loved animals, they owned various types of animal, particularly one big black cat named Pluto. When the man starts drinking, his personality takes a turn for the worse. He starts physically and verbally abusing his wife and the animals. One night after coming home from a party drunk he thought the cat didn’t wanna hang out with him so he grabbed the cat and but one of its eyes off. The morning after he was overcome by the impulse to hang the cat on a tree so he did and that night his house burned down, all his money and possessions gone, only him, his wife and the help survived. Not long after a crowd gathered at his bedroom having seen an image of a gigantic black cat with a rope around its neck on the wall which bothered him. One night after drinking, he saw a black cat which looked identical to Pluto and also had an eye missing with the exception of the white spot on the chest and brought it home to his wife to make her happy. Overtime the white spot grew and created an image of the gallows (wooden device used to hang people). The man is to scared of the cat to abuse it but the cat would always hang around him, even in when he goes to sleep. As his hatred of the cat increases, so does the physical and verbal abuse towards his wife . One day him and his wife went down to the cellar and the cat followed, with extreme irritation, he tried to kill the cat with an axe but his wife stops him and he kills her instead, burying the axe on her head. He hides the body in a space in the cellar wall and sleeps peacefully in ages as the cat is nowhere to be seen. Police came and searched the house, after coming back to search again they were about to give up when the man decides to brag about the house and takes his cane to whack the wall where his wife’s body was hidden. A sad crying noise answered which turned out to be the cat as he had accidentally shut the cat up in the wall and the body was found by the police with the cat on top of its head, prompting the police to sentence the man by hanging at the gallows for the crime.

My second choice was a creepypasta from the site Creepypasta. Creepypastas are scary stories which varied from ghosts, monsters, rituals, and even parodies of them. The links for some popular examples are below:

Russian Sleep Experiment

Jeff the Killer


The third option was to use Japanese Urban Legends to search for my story. They ranged from Kuchisake-Onna (Slit-mouth Woman) who would ask passers by if she was beautiful while she was wearing a mask to cover the lower part of her face, if they said yes she takes her masks off and asks the same questions and slit their mouth if they lie or say no and if they said no she still slits their mouth to Hanako-San, a little girl who resides on the third stall of the girls bathroom, when someone calls her name and knocks on the third stall and after hearing an answer the door can be opened to reveal a little girl in a red school uniform who then vanishes upon seeing her or she will drag you into the toilet and kill you.

I decided to go for the Japanese Urban Legends and picked the legend ‘Aka Manto’ (Red Cape) where a red caped man with a mask on goes into the toilet and asks people in the toilet stalls if they preferred the red or blue cape. Choosing the red cape meant that their throat is slashed or cut off and choosing blue meant that they’re gonna be strangled or choked to death. I chose this as there are choices given by the antagonist in the legend which makes it easier for me to make the interactive part.



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