Week 2: Creating Tile Textures

For week 2, we created textures on Photoshop and tiled them to see if they tiled well. I first created my tile I called ‘MetalTile’ as it resembled gold but with a liquid appearance. It was done by using filters and changing them to suit the desired result.


It was then split into a 4×4 grid and variations were made in each square by altering it using hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, etc.


I then offset an image on concrete and darkened it to change its appearance, also using the clone stamp tool to get rid of the edges after offsetting it and came up with this. Its not a perfect example but it’ll do at the moment.


I then added a drain image on top of it and had to alter the levels to match it close to the colour of my concrete as it was way lighter before. I erased some parts and used the clone stamp tool in some areas to blend it into the concrete as much as possible.


I then added another variation and added cracks. Again, I had to change the brightness/contrast and levels to match it as close as possible to the concrete and used the same tools as i did for the previous one.


I tiled them all together in a new file and ended up with this as a result. There are still distinguishable marks on the concrete that would make it obvious that it was tiled but only to a more observant person otherwise it looks fine.


I found that making textured tiles and tiling in general more fun and am looking forward to more of this kind of tasks in the future.


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