Week 3: Game Level layers

For week 3, after creating textured tiles, we were tasked to create more tiles but this time  we layer them to give it more depth.

I decided to go with waterfalls as I like appearance of one. So, I searched waterfalls on google and found a few pics. I then took colours from each category that I made up and used those for my game level.

Research Waterfall

I started with a terrain tile and made three variations of those to use for the platform, I also made a pit as a trap for the character in the game. My tiling wasn’t as flawless as it could have been but it was covered by the variations quite well. I split the main terrain tile in half and randomly drew a line to crop out the upper bit. The upper layer was also lightened using the dodge tool to make it look more 3d in a 2d platform.

My first layer was of the background which I made to look like a sunset of some sorts. The blue gets covered by other objects so it doesn’t really matter but its good to have that gradient effect.


I then added the terrain tiles and arranged it in a way that I liked.


Next layer is where I added in the wall/terrain and the waterfall. I used a mixture of selected different colours for the wall/terrain bit and same goes for the waterfall, adding some diluted yellow tones for reflection.


I then added rocks to where the pit is to stop the water from flowing in it and some trees for more design. I used the default tree brush as it looked better in my opinion.




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