Course Project: 3D Previs

For dynamic communications, the project was to create a 3D Previs of a game,film/animation or take an experimental approach to it.

I started with exploring the genres that I am most interested in which are games that have a lot of action, is story based, survival horror and also in a fantasy world. I have played various games before such as Ori and the Blind Forest, Life is Strange, Team Fortress, just to name a few, which has helped me pinpoint as to what genre I liked.

I also started looking at environments such as forests, villages, islands, market place inside the castle wall and whether I want to create it during the medieval times, go with a more futuristic environment or in an alternate reality where things are different that they are here on earth.

I admit that I got stuck as to what I wanted to do and had absolutely nothing to start off with. Then, I asked my friends and family for ideas and opinions as to what I should do or just what they think would be a good idea.

I thought of a creating a game previs with the main character as someone who is a ‘fugitive’ so the character has to sneak around and try not to be seen by the enemies as they go around completing tasks.

I’ve started drawing really rough sketches as to how the set up of the game would be in my sketchbook and what objects are needed in the game. I, however, am looking forward as to how this will turn out at the end and hopefully it will be fine in the end.




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