Week 3: Game Level layers

For week 3, after creating textured tiles, we were tasked to create more tiles but this time  we layer them to give it more depth.

I decided to go with waterfalls as I like appearance of one. So, I searched waterfalls on google and found a few pics. I then took colours from each category that I made up and used those for my game level.

Research Waterfall

I started with a terrain tile and made three variations of those to use for the platform, I also made a pit as a trap for the character in the game. My tiling wasn’t as flawless as it could have been but it was covered by the variations quite well. I split the main terrain tile in half and randomly drew a line to crop out the upper bit. The upper layer was also lightened using the dodge tool to make it look more 3d in a 2d platform.

My first layer was of the background which I made to look like a sunset of some sorts. The blue gets covered by other objects so it doesn’t really matter but its good to have that gradient effect.


I then added the terrain tiles and arranged it in a way that I liked.


Next layer is where I added in the wall/terrain and the waterfall. I used a mixture of selected different colours for the wall/terrain bit and same goes for the waterfall, adding some diluted yellow tones for reflection.


I then added rocks to where the pit is to stop the water from flowing in it and some trees for more design. I used the default tree brush as it looked better in my opinion.




Pictorial Symbols



For week 3, we were asked to do pictorial symbols based on five different animals. Since there were no specific topic or subject to do, I have decided to do five animals from the different types of categories of animals.

I decided to go for a block colour that represents each category to me and then used white in another layer to draw the animals themselves inside the box. I did use reference pics for a more accurate representation and put appropriate fonts for it as I intended it to be used in a childrens book.