Week 8:Building Interface Graphics

So, for week 8, we were given the task of building interface graphic for the mock game level that we did in week 2 and add it to the complete mock game level complete with a font that would go with the game.

First, we made a flat design which consist of only block colours with no dimensions and depth to them.


Instead of actually taking an image of a flower online, I decided to just freehand the flower and used puppet warp/free transform to get a more proportional appearance to the flower.

The next design is an almost flat design, which is also block colours but with shadows and gradients added for an almost flat look.


For the gradient in the background, I used a darker colour of pink to remain consistent in the colour but different in shade. A shadow is made which made it look like the light source is coming from the upper right corner of the image, casting a shadow in the lower right corner.

The last design is a rich design and has all of the above; gradients,shadow, highlights, textures, etc.


I changed the colour of the background by using the hue/saturation button and also added a texture to it. I did the same for the flower and added the highlights and shadow to give it a more realistic look and ended up with this design.



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