Life Is Strange: Interactive Game

Life is Strange is an interactive game which also changes the story throughout the whole game based on your choices (consequence base). Its 5 episodes long but takes more than 12 hours to complete as I have actually played it (totally recommend it) and found it quite immersive. Whatever happens to the character is totally up to you but doing one thing wrong can cause a chain of events in the game. The main character is also allowed to rewind to change their answer but its quite limited as it affects them.




Gone Home: Interactive Game

Gone home is a short narrative interactive game following the story of younger one of the two sisters which deals with gender issues and young adulthood.

I have personally played it myself and the atmosphere the game gives is quite unnerving at some point for me because no one is home in the game and your character just goes around rooms finding clues as to where your family  is and finding about your younger sisters issues.

4. Gone Home

The Walking Dead Game Series: Interactive Game

This game is a narrative interactive game kind of based on the TV series but in someone else’s point of view. It goes through the zombie apocalypse from the beginning and you go through the journey as the main characters which may make you feel emotionally attach to them. (no spoilers here… maybe)

1. The Walking Dead


Research: Tips and Tricks

In this blog post, I have decided to put the videos which helped me achieve something in Maya such as a roof cloth that appears to be slightly weighed down because of no wood beam support to animating the camera in different angles and doing cut scenes.


I used this for the roof cloth because it applied gravity and helps with how it looked.


This video shows you how to sculpt an easy landscape.

How to create low poly tree.


And basic animation of the camera in Maya.