I was inspired by the material sphere of the opal embedded into the tree fossil and created my idea all around that theme. I then began thinking about things like films and artwork that inspired me.Image result for atlantis disney

Related image

I liked the idea of glowing things so I decided to go with it and I also have an infatuation with lights which is why I made my scene for my environment in a cave with a glowing portal hidden inside.


I also liked the idea of portals leading to a world that’s completely different from ours.

Image result for tomb raiderLara Croft from Tomb Raider was also one of my inspirations for the character because I love the game and even though she is wearing simple thing she fits it.

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Yohann Schepacz - Ice Ship Tomb Cave:

Watching: Ravenous / 1999 / Mexican American war era horror flick featuring the Wendigo!:

I liked the starting scene of the Tomb Raider so much that I used it as an inspiration for my environment.

Post apocalyptic clothing also inspired me and the Resident evil was also perfect for it.

Resident Evil: Extinction:

I also looked at walking dead clothing.

Image result for walking dead post apocalyptic clothes

Image result for pirates of the caribbean cave

I was inspired by the pirates of the caribbean ride at disney and liked the idea of putting different things in the scene.

Image result for cave environment

I looked at cave environments online to get some inspiration and as to how they are formed.




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