Week 2: Self-Evaluation

For week 2 of Computer Arts practice, We were tasked to self evaluate our work by choosing from 3 options: Perspective Study, Shade and Tone or Live Drawing.

I chose to do Live drawing. We were given an objective which I have put down a screenshot of below for more details.



Working quickly and fluidly- I was quite quick with some of the sketches and observations but it would slow down at times or the subject would’ve been too far gone by then. However, I think I think I worked quickly but ultimately just slowed down which i need to improve on, same goes for fluidity.

Capturing sense of movement- I somewhat captured some sense of movement in some of the subject but others needed some more improvement and it made me realize that i needed to study their movements more.

Capturing sense of personality or character- In some of the characters or subjects I think i have captured some sense of personality or character but again, I also think that i am lacking in that area for some of them.face


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