Project Idea

After deciding on what I wanted my project to be, I brainstormed some ideas and came up with a very vague one.

I wanted to integrate the 2D/3D animation into a live action video and it is basically the character chasing a mysterious object or just exploring the city. The video will be showing just a few spots in Dundee to lessen the length of the video. It ends at the river tay with the character catching the object and turning into a glowing particle that flies off.

Image result for 2d animation in live action

After a few days or about a week, I came up with something more specific idea which came from the first vague idea that I had.

  • Character chasing orbs? or exploring some spots in Dundee
  • Character starts off as a ‘blank slate’ and gradually changes into something more complete (colours start appearing on her) after its caught an orb its chasing (this repeats a few times during the video)
  • Can end by the river tay on the wall that separates land from sea.

Places are still for the video are still not figured out but end place is the River Tay.

Image result for paperman


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