Project Pipeline workflow Theory

Since week 3, I have been coming up with a pipeline work flow for my project to keep things in line and organised once I start my project. It is also so I know what to do after I have done the previous stage and move on without any delay in the project.

Image result for theory

I came up with a workflow before starting my prototype to test the process of my project and how I am going to go about creating it.

  • Take live action video (no more than 30 secs)
  • Import into After effects to 3D track video
  • Import 3D tracking into Maya and animate the rig within the tracked area
  • (Batch render animation into image sequence while keeping in mind the resolution and the file type and import into flash)
  • (Draw on top of 3D animation in Flash to create 2D look)
  • Export the 2D/3D animation and import into After effects to integrate it into live action scene)
  • Add effects and adjust colour and lighting to match the video
  • Add music and sound effects (if needed)
  • Export as .mp4 or .avi


the stages in brackets are theories or more like me guessing as to how to go about the 2D/3D part of the project and the workflow above is not finalised until I have figured out a way to do it in a better way and it can be changed at any time.



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