Trial task

This post has taken so long to be written because I have been busy with other courses and couldn’t get around to finishing the trial scene.

Anyway, I took a video of my computer desk at home as a last resort footage as I have taken a low resolution video of an area in town and didn’t really wanna use it

I imported that video into after effects and cut it down until it fit the duration of the sample animation I found online on mixamo and used that for my sample.

test with no lighting

I then imported the 3d animation into after effects as an image sequence and then adjusted the rig to fit into the scene. Above is the scene with no lighting on the rig other than ambient lighting.


The image above is pretty much with lighting but its too warm of a lighting to be coming off from a flash camera so it got adjusted. It also didn’t have any shadows.

I had to refresh my memory with flash as it has been quite a while since I’ve used it but nothing google can’t do 🙂

Anyway, onto my trial/prototype.

The sample scene I took originally lasted for around 7 seconds and I had to cut it down to about a second just to fit the very very short animation of the 3D rig from mixamo.

Above is when I put the 3D animation on top of the sample scene and adjusted it accordingly.

I had to back track and import the image sequence of the 3D animation into flash and draw on top of that and exported it as a .mov and into after effects to replace the 3D image sequence from before.

I decided to just put a little pony tail on her if you can see it as a trial.

I will be posting the overall video on the next post and also write down some of the issues and tips I learned from doing a trial.


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