Week 6: Gallery Visit

For this week, we visited a gallery and walked around to see if any of the pieces took our interest enough to be able to write about it, whether its good or bad.

I decided to do a doll’s house because when I saw it, it reminded me of my childhood and I thought it looked fun and very nostalgic.

The doll’s house seems to be from the 1930s and is quite big and sturdy which would probably make a little girl happy and have more space to play in. The colours make it look very inviting and warming.

The piece to me communicates someone else’s childhood and their preference in how they wanted their play area for their dolls to be like. Doll’s houses nowadays do not look the same as the one above and so I think its kind of like a part of history now.Although. some people would probably purchase one like it as a part of their collection. I also think that it inspires further discussion as it asks the question of who it belonged to before and what kind of person they are or were.

For the purpose of the piece, I think its pretty successful as it functions as a doll’s house  for the dolls to live in and the kids to play in.

I like the dollhouse as it brought me back to my childhood back in philippines and made me reminisce and think about how it used to be and it made me miss being young and carefree.




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