Project Pipeline Workflow edit

After finding out that the workflow I created wouldn’t work after further investigation. I adjusted my work flow and changed some things and how it should go.

I ended up with two ways as to how to go about it.

  • Film live action video (30 seconds more or less)
  • Import video into After effects for 3D motion tracking( if needed) and then export as image sequences.

Two methods to test:

  1. Block out scene roughly in Maya for easier animation in regards to perspective
  2. Animate character and scale it to the size of the scene according to the image plane created using the image sequence of live action video
  • Add lighting inside the scene to match the live action video lighting.
  1. Batch render the animation and import into after effects after composing it as a video file
  2. Batch render animation as image sequence and import into flash to draw on top to create some 2D elements.
  • Composite the animation into the live action video after exporting as an .avi file so that it looks like a part of the scene
  • Add necessary effects and adjust lighting, colour, etc. to match the videos environment.
  • Add sound effects and music that matches the scene
  • Export as .mp4 or .avi




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