Character Rig

For the character, I initially wanted a small elf with a flower growing on its head to play around by the edge of the River Tay, sees the orb and tries to catch it leading to the creature jumping too high and falling and later re-emerging as a ball of light. However, I had troubles with finding a similar rig closer to what I had in mind, so I had to change my plan.

I searched and scoured for free rigs that would at least work with my new idea and found the Scotty Bluebaker rig, Billy Baker, Cuty, Moom, Roben and Manoj. I played with each one of them to decide which one would look better before deciding which one to use.

Scotty Bluebaker

I opened the Scotty rig in maya and played around with it for a feel of how animating it would be like. However, the rig had a few problems such as having too many joints that are visible in the perspective view and it obscured the controls and the small details for the facial animations. When I rendered it out it also wasn’t showing the textures.

Billy Barker


The Billy Barker rig had some fun features such as a dog version of Billy due to the story line of the animation Billy came from. The controls are easily manipulated and overall looks really good.



Cuty is a very simple rig which only uses the head, body, arms and legs to move without any facial controls. It should only be used when no facial animations are needed for the project.


Moom rig seems to also be quite good with the exception of bad deformation for the right upper leg. Controls are easily accessible and easy to use.







The Roben rig when first opened is a very good looking rig but just looking at it from the get go, there are no controls accessible. The rig still deforms pretty well and its movable but only by clicking the controls in the outliner.



Manoj rig doesn’t appeal too much to me because of its appearance but controls seems to be quite good with the exception that its limited and some things like the mouth doesn’t deform well.

For my project, I am torn between  Billy, Cuty and Moom as I think these rigs all have their own potential to help me with the project.


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