Methods for Glowing orb

I decided to investigate into some ways of making a glowing orb and I found two ways; animating the orb in Flash and importing the video file into After Effects and using solely After Effects.

I animated a circle in flash and imported it into After effects to add the glowing effect on it by using the glow effect and adjusting the glow threshold, radius and intensity to my liking and changing the colour depth to 32 bpc for a larger and more intense area of glow.Video for glowing orb tutorial

For this method, I followed a tutorial on you tube on how to make a glowing orb solely on After effects. I first looked at this video  to create a more intense glow on the orb and then looked at a video about opacity pulse in After effects and looping the frames to have the light fade in and fade out in a loop.

For my next post about the orb, I will be looking into well-detailed orbs to make them appear more magical and mysterious.


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