Project Idea Alteration

After searching the web and websites for a suitable rig, I realized that there was no way for me to get a rig that looked exactly like I wanted it, so then I had to compromise and chose a few rigs that is closer to my plan B. The rig will now be a little boy and I will be making him transparent to achieve the ghostly effect.

The story board I made was the idea I set on doing for the project.

right timing

By making the storyboard, I have made myself choose places in Dundee to film in and I have decided to start in the cemetery near the uni and ends at the park near the river tay near the train station.

The concept is somewhat still similar wherein the character runs after and chases an orb through the places chosen and ends on a bench in the park area where the character finally catches the orb and turns into an orb themselves, which to me signified freedom from being chained down in the cemetery.


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