Week 9: Stress Management

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For week 9, we talked about stress management and how to handle it when it happens.

Usually, there are a lot of factors in life that causes people stress; deadlines, relationships, etc. Games for example give people stress in a more fun way when done right.

This can affect the performance of an individual when working on projects or other things and might lead to a breakdown when the level of stress is too high.

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The aim is to keep the performance level high where stress is just right in the middle; not too high and not too low, to keep up the motivation and focus on the current job that is being done. When stress is low, then there won’t be a lot of things that can be done and no progress is made, too high and it brings about tiredness, sickness and a breakdown.

To prevent this, a schedule can be made with breaks in between for food, talk to someone, play a game, to give yourself time to get back at that optimal performance level.

In my own experience, I have been in on the higher end of stress levels which didn’t do me any good as fatigue started setting in and disorientation as to what to do started. I needed to get myself back to a level where I could work properly and at a high performance level. Upon realizing this, I have concluded that I needed advice on my work to stop the confusion and stress which at the end of the one on one talk with Ryan today, helped a lot with where I should look to restart and get back to a more productive level.



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