Settings for the Project

Today, I went around to the places in Dundee where I wanted my scenes to be in. I took a few pics of the settings and couldn’t choose with the camera angles and so I took a few pics of those too, along with filming the background for the animation.


It starts of at the Howff cemetery at a specific area inside.


This is just a filler and might not be in the final cut.


Entrance/Exit of Cemetery. This is right by the Overgate.


Another angle of the Entrance/Exit


The side of the church where the penguin statues are situated.


Entrance in one of the areas at the grassy part near the Tay. Option 1


Bench shot option 1


Path option 2


Bench Option 2


Path option 3


Bench option 3

I like the look of option 3 for the bench more than the others but I like the Option 2 path so I might just use those for the final cut.



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