Mock Screenshots: Scene 1 and 2

So when I started talked to Ryan a few weeks back, he suggested that I make some mock screenshots of my animation.

I started doing that for the first scene but thought that it would be easier to take the screenshots whilst I animate the character for each scene.


This mock screenshot was made in Photoshop with the character just rendered in Maya and saved as a .png  and the orb was made in a separate layer with an outer glow effect.

I decided on the more simplistic orb which was made in Flash and imported into a After Effects to add a glowing effect on it after asking for the opinion of several people and I agree that it looked much better than the other ones I have made.

Scene 1

The above scene was taken from my After effects file for compositing all the videos/ image sequences together. Effects and colour correction will be on a different posts. Above is Scene 1.

scene 2

Scene 2


More of the Mock screenshots will be up and posted once I have animated them.


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