Part 1:Sculpting Stylized Characters with Shane Olson

After presenting my Honours Project to the lecturers in order to be assigned to a mentor, I coincidentally found a live stream on the Pixologic Zbrush page on Youtube and decided to have a look since I do want to create a stylized character. Through this I found another artist, Danny Mac, who also does stylized characters on Zbrush and posts 60 second hack for Zbrush on his Youtube channel along with some tutorials on retopology and sculpting

Shane Olson has a class of sorts at where you can enroll for his classes and tutorials for a certain amount and get access for life.


He did some modelling/sculpting for Disney Infinity such as the model above. He can also be found on artstation under his name Shane Olson.

Through the livestream, I also got some helpful tips and tricks and sites with Zbrush brushes that he used during the livestream which can be found in FunkyBunnies.

Danny Mac also has his own artstation and posts his primary work and some tutorials, along with other stuff. and below is one of his works.


Part 1: Pin-up outfit and Makeup Moodboard

It’s week 6 and it’s finally time for me to start coming up with character designs or concepts. However, before I continue on and do that, I need to do a bit of research on how the outfits and the makeup should look like on a pinup girl. So I created a moodboard that includes both and pinpointed what the main theme was in each one.


I found out that the outfits are mostly skin tight clothing and are cinched at the waist to show off and achieve an hourglass figure which was the desirable figure in that era. As for the makeup, it’s the classic red lip with cat eye liner, bold arched brows and full lashes. Obviously there’s more to it than that but that is pretty much the main base to achieve the pinup look.

Part 2: Character Fusions p.1

I created some character fusions out of the desserts I chose and went ahead and designed them. I tried to capture the elements of the food and out that on the character whilst still keeping the pinup style outfit in mind as it is my chosen base idea.

For the first part, I decided to use pineberry, ornamental kale, temaki which is a type of sushi that’s rolled and a coffee brownie cheesecake. I thought that I captured the elements of the chosen food for some of them and the others need more work. I had a hard time having a very limited colour palette especially when there’s only two colours within the chosen subject. I tried to bypass that by using different shapes and using the dropper to take a slightly different colour from the reference image.





Part 2: Food Fusion Moodboard

Since I am creating a pinup character fused with some type of food I created a moodboard with the types of food I want to see fused into the character themselves.

Food-Fusion-moodboardI went with the sweeter side and gathered images of desserts that vary in forms; cakes, meringues, fruits, ice cream, jelly, pastry, dessert drinks such as milkshakes and hot chocolate, cereal bars, and some alcoholic drinks fused with fruit syrups or actual fruit. I included some fruits which are more uncommon and are unusual in appearance for a more interesting result for the character. This also gives me more material to work with because of the varying textures and forms within the fruit. Mixing fruits with other fruits also give me more to work with instead of just having one thing to get some ideas from and the same goes for the cakes and the other desserts in the moodboard below.

I haven’t really done much this week, which is why I only have 2 parts to week 5. However, I will be looking at designing the character when it comes to Week 6 and hopefully get to sculpting soon when I choose the final design for my character.




So for week 5, I tasked myself with creating different body shapes which I will be using in the pin up character that I’m making for my project. I mostly stuck with what is most commonly desired and seen within pin up and created different variations of those which ranges from a skinny to a more plus size body shape whilst keeping the curvy aspect of the body in mind. body-shapes

Obviously, I looked back on my previous moodboards and took some inspirations and ideas from those to create the figures I like. It seems like more of them are quite realistic but they are actually quite uncommon especially with the bigger figures having flatter stomachs and so on. They were inspired by a more extreme take of body shapes such as from Mrs. Incredible and Violet Parr with a smaller head, Jessica Rabbit, some fan art of Disney princesses and villains in a chubbier body, etc.

I haven’t chosen as to which one I am going to use yet but I think it’ll correspond to the type and look of the food I will be using to fuse into the character for it to make a little more sense but otherwise I will probably just pick one that I like best out of all of them.

Part 6: Face Variations v.3

The last face variation sheet for this week is the switching of the noses with everything else in the same place from the last face sheet. Feel free to look for the changes in each face shapes.

I most likely won’t do the other face combinations as that would be a bit excessive since it would produce around 100+ face sheets and I would end up with my blog cluttered with face variations rather than my other work and development for the project.


Part 5: Face Variations v.2

This time, the brows are the one that is switched around to create different looks. The positioning of the lips is how I left it last time to make sure that I don’t accidentally repeat the same face sheet.


Part 4: Face Variations v.1

For this face variations, I switched the six lips I created around each combination whilst making the other features remain constant.

Since the eyes, brows and nose remain constant it might seem that it’s all the same face but they’re all somewhat different. I will be posting other combinations once they are all done and combined properly.


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