Light: Final Project

As a self-evaluation, I feel like I have done well in learning the software, After Effects, and learning different tools and editing techniques on it. However, there’s still a lot to improve on to fully polish the video.


Rotoscoping in After Effects


Rotoscoping is the act of masking a specific area in the same video or scene to change the background or contents around the rotoscoped area.

This tool was used for scene 1, 2 and 4 so that the character is hidden behind whatever object its supposed to behind of.


Mock Screenshots: scene 5

scene 5

Finally! I have finished the last scene which is scene 5. This scene is where our character finally catches up to the orb and he turns into an orb himself. The meaning is up to interpretation to anyone who watches the video. The whole composition should be wrapping up soon and will uploaded to be available for viewing.

Leg swing reference


One leg swings up while the stays in the neutral position when swinging the legs.


The leg that was in the up position then goes down to the neutral position and the other leg starts swinging back to create momentum before it swings up.


The switch happens when the legs are both in the same position.


The first leg that went up then pulls backwards and the other starts going up.




This reference really helped with the animation for the last scene and is also good research to widen my knowledge as to how the legs would move when its swinging from an overall static body position.

Mock Screenshots: Scene 3 and 4

Finally, I have finished animating the longest sequence/scene out of the five scenes in the project  and its now possible to actually render out and edit it in after effects to add some effects to it.

scene 3

Scene 3 is the longest sequence, even though it doesn’t look like it. This part is still the character chasing down the orb but got exhausted in the process, finds it and jumps up to try and touch it and then chases it again.

scene 4

This is the fourth scene with the character chasing the orb till it lands on the bench.


I will be uploading the last mock screenshot once I have finished the animation for it and then I’ll be onto more editing of the video and masking the character out of the scene when it passes through objects that he should be behind of. I’ll also be posting about that soon and will be posting a video tutorial from youtube.