Previous Environment Final

environment development.jpg

This previous version is almost fully rendered and doesn’t show any lines at all which wasn’t the required criteria so I’m using it as my development.


Environment Final


This is my environment final which I think is much better because it shows the line work and form in my opinion and there’s more happening to it rather than having an empty foreground.

Previous Character Final

In this version of the character final, it looks too simple and not a lot of details are going on and the boots for the back view look wrong. It also needed laces and more things to make the character even more interesting.



Character Final

character-finalCompared to the previous version, I added the glass vials at the bottom because the belt looked like it was for a shotgun and that it was a bullet holder, where in fact it was vials of herbal potions. I also added more rips on the jeans and fixed the boots and added laces on it. The bandage indicates that she got wounded along the way when she was on her journey to find the portal.

Character Specification Sheet
Character: Lead Role, Raziel

‘A sci-fi fantasy game where you play Raziel, someone who has lost her memories from when she was a young child. Now grown up, she wants to find more about herself and the strange symbols on her machete and bow and arrow, found near her when she was found, and the symbol on the cloak she was wearing when found. Join her in this journey of self-discovery and uncover her past that lays hidden inside.’

Basic Profile:

  • Age: 16-22
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Medium/Tall
  • Build: Average
  • Race/Skin: Human/Unknown, Medium-Dark Skin

Major Attributes:

  • Backstory – Raziel barely remember who she is and where she came from, all she knows is that she was found and was taken care of by someone acting as her mother figure, Aleya. Now she wants to find out more about herself so she set off on a journey of self discover and more.
  • Childhood – barely remembers childhood as she was found at the edge of the jungle at the age of 6 with the machete laying on the ground and the bow and arrow around her, the rest of her childhood was spent learning to adapt to a new world that seems so unfamiliar.

Character Attributes:

  • Hopes/Ambitions/dreams – to discover her true self and ancestry
  • Attitudes / Personality – Sassy / reserved
  • Beliefs / Superstitions – doesn’t belive in anything but is open to ideas
  • Job / Role / Occupation / Training – student, knows how to handle the bow and arrow and the machete. Training in martial arts.
  • Family / Friends / Relationships – quite closed off with others, closest to Aleya.
  • Health / Mobility / Handicaps – None
  • Social / Political Status or affiliation – she doesn’t really care much about this type of stuff
  • Environment / Habitat – Inner City/ non wealthy
  • Culture / Heritage –  Unknown
  • Lifestyle / Finance/ Class – middle class / ‘normal’ / safe
  • Era / Setting / Time Period – Modern day unless shes through the portal, the place is quite advanced even though its from another world thats ancient of some sorts 
  • Habits / Unique Traits – fiddles with fingers when nervous.
  • Interests / likes / dislikes – likes watching post apocalyptic movies which influenced her clothing style / not into girly things

Vehicle Final

vehicle final.jpg

My vehicle final was pretty much a cross between the top row and I added the inscription near the crystal which says blood power, indicating that it requires blood to start. The bolts running through it shows that the vehicle is energised and has power.


I was inspired by the material sphere of the opal embedded into the tree fossil and created my idea all around that theme. I then began thinking about things like films and artwork that inspired me.Image result for atlantis disney

Related image

I liked the idea of glowing things so I decided to go with it and I also have an infatuation with lights which is why I made my scene for my environment in a cave with a glowing portal hidden inside.


I also liked the idea of portals leading to a world that’s completely different from ours.

Image result for tomb raiderLara Croft from Tomb Raider was also one of my inspirations for the character because I love the game and even though she is wearing simple thing she fits it.

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Yohann Schepacz - Ice Ship Tomb Cave:

Watching: Ravenous / 1999 / Mexican American war era horror flick featuring the Wendigo!:

I liked the starting scene of the Tomb Raider so much that I used it as an inspiration for my environment.

Post apocalyptic clothing also inspired me and the Resident evil was also perfect for it.

Resident Evil: Extinction:

I also looked at walking dead clothing.

Image result for walking dead post apocalyptic clothes

Image result for pirates of the caribbean cave

I was inspired by the pirates of the caribbean ride at disney and liked the idea of putting different things in the scene.

Image result for cave environment

I looked at cave environments online to get some inspiration and as to how they are formed.




I created vehicle silhouettes in photoshop by just randomly making brushstrokes and added some details to it.

My vehicle is a cross between a hover bike and a submarine which means it can go on land, air and underwater.

I chose the top left because i felt like it fitted what i had in mind.


I have made up this moodboard to get a clear idea of what I want to do with my vehicle.

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