Final Presentation Feedback

Instead of writing two different blog post, I’m just going to combine the feedback in one to save some hassle.

The overall feedback was good but more positive on visual literacy than dynamic communications.

For dynamic communications the humour was evident in the flash story but the visual consistency fell out once or twice, introduction could’ve been smoother and clearer and it could’ve been better thought through and the visual styles couldve been pushed even more.Overall, it did its job and included the requirement of being interactive in a simple way.

I made it out to be an image based interactive story rather than actual animation so maybe thats why it wasnt as smooth as it couldve been.

For visual literacy, it was overall really good feeback and the only criticism was to make the idea clearer. The added music really helped  and so did the textures. lighting was appropriate for the scene as everything was well-lit and could be seen clearly.


Life Is Strange: Interactive Game

Life is Strange is an interactive game which also changes the story throughout the whole game based on your choices (consequence base). Its 5 episodes long but takes more than 12 hours to complete as I have actually played it (totally recommend it) and found it quite immersive. Whatever happens to the character is totally up to you but doing one thing wrong can cause a chain of events in the game. The main character is also allowed to rewind to change their answer but its quite limited as it affects them.



Gone Home: Interactive Game

Gone home is a short narrative interactive game following the story of younger one of the two sisters which deals with gender issues and young adulthood.

I have personally played it myself and the atmosphere the game gives is quite unnerving at some point for me because no one is home in the game and your character just goes around rooms finding clues as to where your family  is and finding about your younger sisters issues.

4. Gone Home

The Walking Dead Game Series: Interactive Game

This game is a narrative interactive game kind of based on the TV series but in someone else’s point of view. It goes through the zombie apocalypse from the beginning and you go through the journey as the main characters which may make you feel emotionally attach to them. (no spoilers here… maybe)

1. The Walking Dead


Aka Manto: Character style research

For this, I first sketched the style that was in my mind which is similar to this image/style, which I would classify as a more realistic take on anime style.

My second choice was a kind of chibi-style? which is similar to anime but in a much smaller scale and cuter. However, I wanted it to look creepy and so different styles were mixed for experimentation purposes.

I also thought about doing something that is Tim Burton inspired so I also search for that style.


Aka Manto: Setting Research

So, since my main and only setting takes place in a bathroom, I searched for pictures of public bathrooms as reference which isn’t actually that interesting believe it or not.

They all pretty much just look alike, you know generic public bathroom type. Anyway , it was fun searching for public bathrooms to look at for the background of my interactive digital story.

Flash exercises

During our time playing around in flash, I have learned various stuff such as adding codes to make functioning buttons, scroll bars and collectables.

However, I came across some problems during following the programme given to us and have tried to fix it with no  avail. I couldn’t make the collectables and the scroll bar to work properly which is why there’s none of those in the GIF image . I’ve added the main  task which help up the programme so I guess its still something.

It was a fun task but it was quite frustrating at time. Click the link below to go to the swf file and then click on the image and just use the arrows in the keyboard to navigate the rocket through space.,%22action%22:%22open%22,%22userId%22:%22107449641431293916636%22%7D


Aka Manto:Simple setting layout in Photoshop

After sketching the storyboard and laying out as to what camera angles I would need or what perspective, I have decided to lay them out in Photoshop using simple lines which I can then go over later in detail.

The front view which is the perspective of someone or the player looking through the mirror, facing the bathroom stalls.


Below is the perspective of someone who is standing at the back of the bathroom facing the door way.


And finally, the view of someone coming into the bathroom.



This setting layout can be used in various key scenes as the setting of the game/interactive digital story is in the bathroom only.

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