Bouncing Ball Flash Animation

teal ball

I made this bouncing ball gif on Adobe Flash for Elementary Animation. It was my first time using the application but it was easy to get use to as everything was straightforward. It was quite frustrating at times when deleting some frames because at times I would delete a few frames and that kept happening so I had to either undo it or do it all over again. Overall though the whole experience was generally positive.


Observation Sketches

For Elementary Animation this week we had a 3 hour lab session. We observed the posture of the model and sketched it in a limited time which ranged from 15 minutes to 1 minute or 30 seconds per pose by the end. We also tried to sketch the figure without looking at the paper and using a continuos line.

The session was helpful for our sketchbook task which is observation of people in public and doing quick sketches as they move quite fast to be able to do a detailed drawing.

The time limit was a challenge though but it was fun.

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