initial timing

I decided to make a storyboard on storyboarder ( linked by Ryan in our fb page) and it gave me some sort of idea as to where I want the scenes to be in.

My first storyboard was too fast at the beginning so I had to change the duration of the frames that were too short and went by too fast.

second edit timing

After changing those, I also realized there was a misplaced frame right at the beginning and fixed that. I also decided to fix the part towards the end where the character scoots closer to the light to catch it as I feel like it wasn’t right for the character to scoot at the same pace, so I just slowed it down a bit.

right timing

This is the very rough storyboard I made with all the changes done.


Prototype Video

I encountered some issues with doing the prototype video below but it was easily fixed and lessons were learned throughout and written down for future reference and faster correction.

If you noticed, you can’t see the shadow of the 2D ponytail, so I’ll have to incorporate that somehow next time for another prototype and whilst I’m doing my project.

I also had to search how to make the background transparent in flash.

Although I also need to redo my pipeline as some things have changed.

Trial task

This post has taken so long to be written because I have been busy with other courses and couldn’t get around to finishing the trial scene.

Anyway, I took a video of my computer desk at home as a last resort footage as I have taken a low resolution video of an area in town and didn’t really wanna use it

I imported that video into after effects and cut it down until it fit the duration of the sample animation I found online on mixamo and used that for my sample.

test with no lighting

I then imported the 3d animation into after effects as an image sequence and then adjusted the rig to fit into the scene. Above is the scene with no lighting on the rig other than ambient lighting.


The image above is pretty much with lighting but its too warm of a lighting to be coming off from a flash camera so it got adjusted. It also didn’t have any shadows.

I had to refresh my memory with flash as it has been quite a while since I’ve used it but nothing google can’t do 🙂

Anyway, onto my trial/prototype.

The sample scene I took originally lasted for around 7 seconds and I had to cut it down to about a second just to fit the very very short animation of the 3D rig from mixamo.

Above is when I put the 3D animation on top of the sample scene and adjusted it accordingly.

I had to back track and import the image sequence of the 3D animation into flash and draw on top of that and exported it as a .mov and into after effects to replace the 3D image sequence from before.

I decided to just put a little pony tail on her if you can see it as a trial.

I will be posting the overall video on the next post and also write down some of the issues and tips I learned from doing a trial.

Project Pipeline workflow Theory

Since week 3, I have been coming up with a pipeline work flow for my project to keep things in line and organised once I start my project. It is also so I know what to do after I have done the previous stage and move on without any delay in the project.

Image result for theory

I came up with a workflow before starting my prototype to test the process of my project and how I am going to go about creating it.

  • Take live action video (no more than 30 secs)
  • Import into After effects to 3D track video
  • Import 3D tracking into Maya and animate the rig within the tracked area
  • (Batch render animation into image sequence while keeping in mind the resolution and the file type and import into flash)
  • (Draw on top of 3D animation in Flash to create 2D look)
  • Export the 2D/3D animation and import into After effects to integrate it into live action scene)
  • Add effects and adjust colour and lighting to match the video
  • Add music and sound effects (if needed)
  • Export as .mp4 or .avi


the stages in brackets are theories or more like me guessing as to how to go about the 2D/3D part of the project and the workflow above is not finalised until I have figured out a way to do it in a better way and it can be changed at any time.


Week 3: Possible Projects Research

Sorry, I didn’t post last week but I did do some research as to what I want my project to be 🙂

I decided that I wanted to do my project to be in the realm of animation and explored different areas of it. I am going to put a few areas that I looked into below along with the link so you can see the videos.

Combining 2D and 3D animation

This style or area of animation definitely pulled me in when I was watching it. However, it is double the work of some sorts but in the end it looks amazing and looks unique.

2D animation in Real world

This video was the first thing i thought about when I was coming up with ideas for the project. It was my childhood and It just brought nostalgia whilst I was watching it and the style became an option for my project.

Real world animation

This type of animation I think looks really cute and quite innovative of some sorts and brings the inanimate objects to life in a quite smooth way.

3D animation in Real world

The setting is usually filmed in real world and 3D animation is added on top. and it plays around other things that’s happening in the real world and incorporates that in with the 3D animation really well which is very well executed in the examples above.

Giving life to inanimate objects 

This was just I found something cute and amusing XD feel free to watch the video but it could be turned into something more than just amusing.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics pulled me in because of the vibrant colours and the art style and the above examples are really excellent and is something that I hope to learn someday in more depth.

After looking at different areas, I have decided to do a 2D and 3D animation hybrid which is similar to the very first area I talked about and incorporate that in a real world footage.

I am looking into doing some tests for week 4, so stay tuned 🙂


I was inspired by the material sphere of the opal embedded into the tree fossil and created my idea all around that theme. I then began thinking about things like films and artwork that inspired me.Image result for atlantis disney

Related image

I liked the idea of glowing things so I decided to go with it and I also have an infatuation with lights which is why I made my scene for my environment in a cave with a glowing portal hidden inside.


I also liked the idea of portals leading to a world that’s completely different from ours.

Image result for tomb raiderLara Croft from Tomb Raider was also one of my inspirations for the character because I love the game and even though she is wearing simple thing she fits it.

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Yohann Schepacz - Ice Ship Tomb Cave:

Watching: Ravenous / 1999 / Mexican American war era horror flick featuring the Wendigo!:

I liked the starting scene of the Tomb Raider so much that I used it as an inspiration for my environment.

Post apocalyptic clothing also inspired me and the Resident evil was also perfect for it.

Resident Evil: Extinction:

I also looked at walking dead clothing.

Image result for walking dead post apocalyptic clothes

Image result for pirates of the caribbean cave

I was inspired by the pirates of the caribbean ride at disney and liked the idea of putting different things in the scene.

Image result for cave environment

I looked at cave environments online to get some inspiration and as to how they are formed.