This is the word for week 4 and below are my ideas for it.

I painted a leaf blowing in the wind using watercolour because it reminded me of the word ‘fresh’, for me it resembles a refreshing breeze blowing past.

The sketch above is what I think of when i think about Spring. Flowers blossoming and the fresh morning dew found on the grass makes me think of a fresh start in the early mornings.

I also painted the colour palette which I thought suited the word; mostly cold colours with blue, green and colours in between the both.

Apples, green ones in particular, also reminds me of the word. Red apples at the moment reminds me of poisoned apples (maybe I have just been watching Once Upon a Time too much).

I painted a mason jar with a handle and straw filled with ice tea and a side of lemon  slice because it reminded me of summer. With summer comes the various refreshing drinks.

I have always found the ice blue light reflection the snow makes refreshing  when it has settled on the ground because I know that it’s cold outside which is refreshing but that I can also stay in bed all warm at the same time.



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