Code: Final Image #4

For my fourth and final image, I chose the word ‘code’. I looked into it a bit more and found different types of codes such as a QR code, bar code, etc.

I then had the idea of putting a bar code on a person which refers to human trafficking and how people are sold like they are mere objects. I thought of the kind of setting they would be in and thought of how they portrayed it in movies.



I imagined it as dilapidated rooms and somewhat dirty like it was also used for drug dealings.

This scene from the movie ‘Taken’ was also an ideal background for my image.


I also looked at how a person would look looking off to the side but with a bar code below the nape of their neck.


I ended up with this image at the end and cropped the first background image so that it would suit to my liking. I also added a wash of yellow/white tint over her head to simulate the look of a lightbulb over her shining down.





For the word ‘code’, I thought of how there are different types of codes such as a barcode, QR code etc. There’s also Binary code and Morse code which are languages used by individuals doing coding or programming.

  I came up with the idea of putting a barcode on a girl to show that she is seen as an item to be bought and not as a human being.

The image above contains binary code in a matrix style composition.

I see this as an individual who is a hacker, trying to hack something using coding and various commands on the computer.

The girl above relates to my second idea because in a way it also depicts human trafficking by having a bar code on her forehead and a rope wrapped around her neck which signifies that she is trap and cannot escape.


This portrait of Leonardo DaVinci is made up of morse code.


Propaganda is seen as the art of persuasion. It is used to convinced others that your side of the story is correct.

The raised fist has been used in propaganda for so long to represent solidarity and support. It has been used by people who are fighting for their freedom and rights.

V from ‘V for Vendetta’ was a character who fought for the freedom of the people against the British Tyranny. Although he had good intentions, he did it in a more violent way which isn’t really the right way of doing it. However, I felt like he did what he had to do to save the people from the government as everything was controlled to the extreme.

Americans felt like their privacy was invaded when they heard that the NSA loos through their private emails and information. They were outraged and it caused a huge mistrust to the government.


This propaganda poster shows that the citizens of America weren’t allowed to talk about matters that the government thought was controversial. They don’t want them to think that they don’t have the freedom or right to talk about whatever they want because the government wants them to shut up and know their social status.

This is one of the more popular propaganda posters from America which is a poster with a man pointing at whoever is reading the poster and trying to persuade them to join the army for the good of their country by risking their life.

Women back then were seen as just someone who will stay at home to take care of the kids, cook and clean the house and wait for their husbands. However, during the war, since the men were off to serve their country, there was a shortage of men to do other jobs, so the women stepped up and did jobs that were considered hard labour. This poster shows that women can also do what guys can and it motivated other women to contribute as well.

This poster was created by the US office for the war to imply that by doing less work and taking a break helped the Axis powers which were composed of Germany, Italy and Japan. The poster is also quite racist by depicting the japanese in such a way that it is offensive.




I decided to draw a ball jointed ballerina figure before she performs a pirouette and the 4 curved shapes indicates the movement thats about to happen.

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve ( Halloween), I came up with this concept for the word movement where the eye is stopped from making a move such as blinking because of the hooks hooked in. The bloodshot veins emphasis the struggle of the individual during the process.

I also included this ventriloquist dummy because I think that it fits the requested word very well as it needs assistance from the ventriloquist to be able to move or speak. Its also seen as a creepy object by some people which adds to the halloween thing 😛

The woman above used her whole body to create a piece of art which involved her swinging her whole arm in a fluid motion to get smooth curves.

The image above is a picture of an optical illusion. In reality, the picture isn’t actually moving but our eyes perceives that it is because our brain translated it that way.

Pictures of the dancer was taken continuously whilst she performed, giving the sense of movement in a layered still image.

A low exposure on the camera was used to achieve the blurred effect when the bride was spinning around, showing signs of movement.


The word for week 3 is ‘Lines’ and below are my sketches and description of what I was thinking at the time I drew them.

The archway basically caught my eye and so I decided to draw them.

I’m interested in makeup and I like their usefulness such as putting it on myself or someone else and so I thought it was appropriate to include it here. They also vary in colours which is really good as you can put on whatever colour you want to express yourself.

I just wanted to share it here as it is also my first time wearing glasses.

I’ve been using the table everyday now and its getting easier and easier to use it and its really handy when sketching or drawing digitally.


Second week’s word is ‘Culture’ and we went to the McManus Gallery to look for inspiration.


These branks which are also called ‘scold’s bridles’ were worn by women who were accused of slander or swearing to prevent them from speaking and were then led through the streets. Research suggests that the branks may have come from Belgium, Netherlands or Germany. I thought they looked creepy and just plain weird which was why I have decided to include it in this list.


i drew a sketch of the arctic fox because I thought it was such an interesting animal and I found them beautiful. They were hunted by the Inuits and their furs were used for clothing and as a source of income.

The shrunken head came from South America in the Upper Amazon. Tsantsa was a Shuar tribe ritual which is basically another name for making the shrunken heads. It was a tradition for Shuar men to take enemy heads to avenge the death of a relative and it was not seen as a violent act. I was intrigued by the head cuz of its small and unusual appearance.


This is an Egyptian sarcophagus commonly carved out of stone and displayed above the ground. It is used to lay a corpse to rest inside and usually accompanies other objects in the room if the corpse was of royal blood.


This is a sugar skull and they are commonly seen on Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the dead. I included this in the list because I really like the look of them and they vary in styles.


Geisha’s are traditional Japanese female entertainers who acts as hostesses for mostly male customers. They have been a part of Japan’s history for centuries and I thought they were beautiful.

I really enjoyed this weeks word because I can put more thought into it and come up with things that I really liked.


For my first week in uni, we were given the word ‘Explore’ to interpret and visualize on paper, through a picture or a poem. The following pictures and sketches are my own interpretations of the word.


I took a picture of the view of Dundee from my bedroom window as it is a new place for me to explore which is why i included it in.


For me, this embodies the word ‘explore’ as you see with your eyes things that you have and want to explore. The background represents the universe in a more diluted form because in my point of view there are still things out there that we still haven’t explored.


I took this picture when I went back to Philippines for a month long vacation. We were on a pump boat going around to explore the other islands near Boracay Island which is a beach resort that is famous for the white sandy beach and clear blue waters.


I drew this cave with a small but deep body of water inside which gives off a bio luminescent glow because of the large amount of algae blooms. i feel that it gives off an ethereal atmosphere which lights up the inside of the cave. i thought that it fitted the word as I see it as a pay off after cave exploring and finally you come upon this beautiful treasure inside after all the exhaustion of exploring.


This picture was taken before I jumped off the boat to go snorkeling and explore the barrier reefs and see all the fish swimming around. I had a wonderful experience with snorkeling, especially seeing all the colourful fish swimming and being able to get close to them.


i drew a treble clef because in music you can explore different instruments, playing techniques and music genres to suit to your taste. It allows us to explore a part of ourselves by expressing it through music.This is also a part of my personal life as I usually play about with music in my spare time and I also play some instruments such as the guitar. ukulele, etc.


I took a picture of our journey to the port where we would take a ferry to go to Boracay Island. We past many towns and villages from the city to the country and the difference was astonishing.


This image was taken at Dundee Law when my boyfriend and I went for a walk there to see the view from one of the highest point of Dundee. It was breathtaking even though the walk there was exhausting but it was all worth it at the end.

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