Run to a jump reference

I decided to look for a running with jump video to help me with one of the scenes.


Lowest point for the body’s position when running/jumping.ana4ana5ana6ana7ana8ana9

Feet comes together at the end when landing.


Analysis of 2D/3D integration: Part 5

I’m doing more analysis to make up for the lack of posts since last week and hopefully I can finish another scene down for the mock screenshots to be posted around this week.

This is one of the longer videos I have watched and analysed. I will only be analysing parts of it, understandably so, because of the length and the amount of screenshots it’ll take me.


The bionic arm in this case, look very real and looks like its actually attached to the woman in the scene.


They definitely hit the mark with their theme and the CG in the scene looks well integrated. The scene on the right with the machine coming down form the ceiling looks slightly off  because of the lighting on it.


The aircraft looks like a real aircraft, I don’t have much to say about it other than everything good in the scene.


The edges on the claw hand of the robot looks a bit sharp and could’ve done with some blurring and the details on the face of the robot are also quite sharp on the face.


The machines in this scene, were too saturated that it made them feel fake and gave away the illusion of it being real.


This video is definitely at the top when it comes to the effects, CG, lighting, integration. It doesn’t surprise me that it is because of the fact that a lot of professionals from the blender institute worked on it.

Analysis of 2D/3D integration:Part 4

Another analysis on a short video.


The lighting in the scene perfectly matched the character (or the other way around) the reflection on the character on the floor and some light on the edge of the robots body, which is common for a reflective object to have.


Edge blur was most likely used on the robot so that it integrated better into the scene and looks more realistic. Shadow was well done too. The animation on it fits with the character

I think that this was one of the better 3D Integration videos I have seen.

Analysis of 2D/3D integration: Part 3

I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been busy with getting the project done for this module and other modules but I’m here to analyse another video.


At first, I didn’t really notice as to which part of the video was CG until I looked closely and noticed the benches. Colour correction is good and matches the scene.


Upon closer look, the closest bench to the camera, were noticeably more CG than the ones further away because of the lighting that’s hitting the bench.


The videographer broke the illusion by going through the bench and the shadow for the benches the were further down did not match the shadow colour of the woman , which slightly takes you out of seeing it as being real if you were to look really closely.


Overall, I think that the integration was quite good with only minor mistakes and its a good example to use as a reference or as a goal as to what to achieve in my project.



Colour Correction in After Effects

I will be talking more about learning more things in After Effects  and for today I decided to talk about colour correction to match the footage.

I decided to look for a tutorial on YouTube and found one that looked easy enough to learn and not too complicated.

It uses the Levels with individual controls and changing the values in the RGB output black by subtracting the scenes darkest area and the characters (3D animation) darkest area.

Mock Screenshots: Scene 1 and 2

So when I started talked to Ryan a few weeks back, he suggested that I make some mock screenshots of my animation.

I started doing that for the first scene but thought that it would be easier to take the screenshots whilst I animate the character for each scene.


This mock screenshot was made in Photoshop with the character just rendered in Maya and saved as a .png  and the orb was made in a separate layer with an outer glow effect.

I decided on the more simplistic orb which was made in Flash and imported into a After Effects to add a glowing effect on it after asking for the opinion of several people and I agree that it looked much better than the other ones I have made.

Scene 1

The above scene was taken from my After effects file for compositing all the videos/ image sequences together. Effects and colour correction will be on a different posts. Above is Scene 1.

scene 2

Scene 2


More of the Mock screenshots will be up and posted once I have animated them.