Week 12: Rendering Techniques

For week 12, we developed our rendering techniques even more. We started off with a face and then worked on a vehicle.




Week 9: Drafting for Character Design

Project: Blade Dancer (Working Title, not to be interpreted)

Character Specification Sheet
Character: Lead Role, Name undecided

“A brand new, brutal, fantasy odyssey; A trilogy of films set in a land of might and magic, heroism and villainy, bravery and treachery.
The film follows the story of a heroine battling to save herself, her family and her people from an unexpected and growing evil which threatens to consume all life. ”

Basic Profile:

  • Age: 25-35
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: Medium/Tall
  • Build: Average
  • Race/Skin: Human/Mutant, Open/Undecided

Major Attributes:

  • Backstory
  • Childhood

Character Attributes:

  • Hopes/Ambitions/dreams – World of Peace / Fame
  • Attitudes / Personality – Sassy / Short tempered
  • Beliefs / Superstitions – Liberal / Luck
  • Job / Role / Occupation / Training – Left nursing for Bread making
  • Ethics / Morality –
  • Gender / Identity –
  • Family / Friends / Relationships – Close friends but distant from family
  • Health / Mobility / Handicaps – Mutant – 4th eye patch
  • Social / Political Status or affiliation – Mutant rights / activism / student political party
  • Environment / Habitat – Inner City/ non wealthy
  • Culture / Heritage – academic heritage / black sheep of the family
  • Lifestyle / Finance/ Class – middle class / ‘normal’ / safe
  • Era / Setting / Time Period – Victorianesque / futuristic
  • Habits / Unique Traits – Nail-biting / stutter when nervous
  • Interests / likes / dislikes – secret gwarhammer / not into girly things









Week 6: Thumbnails

TASK A – The Client

Our Client is developing a new science fiction television series. The events of the show take place on distant and unknown planets. We have outsourced to contribute to the visual design of the show. You are a junior artist at this studio and have been put on the team. She has requested that the team develop some images that describe the beautiful home world of one of the species

We were assigned this task for week 6. I started sketching in my sketchbook and then decided on what I wanted to do.


These are the thumbnails I came up with. its set in a world where everyone lives way past the clouds, hence why its foggy and monsters live below the clouds.