Final Presentation Feedback

Instead of writing two different blog post, I’m just going to combine the feedback in one to save some hassle.

The overall feedback was good but more positive on visual literacy than dynamic communications.

For dynamic communications the humour was evident in the flash story but the visual consistency fell out once or twice, introduction could’ve been smoother and clearer and it could’ve been better thought through and the visual styles couldve been pushed even more.Overall, it did its job and included the requirement of being interactive in a simple way.

I made it out to be an image based interactive story rather than actual animation so maybe thats why it wasnt as smooth as it couldve been.

For visual literacy, it was overall really good feeback and the only criticism was to make the idea clearer. The added music really helped  and so did the textures. lighting was appropriate for the scene as everything was well-lit and could be seen clearly.


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