Black Squares

black squares

In the practical session of Dynamic Communications, we were asked individually to come up with an arrangement of 4 squares depicting the following emotions; paranoid, delightful, cheeky, angry, hungry and tired. We were then put into groups of 3 and was asked to pick which ones we thought fitted each emotion after swapping our individual ideas with the other groups.

The image above contains the final choices my group and I made for each emotions:

Paranoid: The bigger black square is right at the corner of the box while the smaller squares are at the opposite side in a group which I interpreted as the bigger square being paranoid and almost scared of the others making judgments about them, turning to isolation to be rid of paranoia.

Delightful: The way the squares go from smallest to the biggest from bottom to top which gave me a sense of satisfaction and delight as it is in order, placed in a stair like manner.

Cheeky: The squares are lined up in a linear position which creates a sequence of squares with an interruption from a tilted square which makes it look like its in the shape of a diamond. followed by another square. By interrupting the sequence, the diamond shaped square is seen as ‘cheeky’.

Angry: Even though it looks similar to ‘Paranoid’, I interpreted it in a different way. I see the much bigger square as someone to be feared of, that is why the other squares are huddled together to hide from the bigger square.

Hungry: I thought that the way the three squares were positioned made it look like it was the character ‘pacman’ from the game and it looks like he is about to eat the smaller square which was why I thought it fitted the word ‘hungry’.

Tired: The positioning of the squares made it look like it was too tired to even form some kind of sequence or order by the way they are just strewn about.

I thought that this exercise created ways for me to express or interpret things in my own way which i see to it and I found that it was a lot of fun coming up with ways to put the emotion into paper 🙂


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