Final Presentation Feedback

Instead of writing two different blog post, I’m just going to combine the feedback in one to save some hassle.

The overall feedback was good but more positive on visual literacy than dynamic communications.

For dynamic communications the humour was evident in the flash story but the visual consistency fell out once or twice, introduction could’ve been smoother and clearer and it could’ve been better thought through and the visual styles couldve been pushed even more.Overall, it did its job and included the requirement of being interactive in a simple way.

I made it out to be an image based interactive story rather than actual animation so maybe thats why it wasnt as smooth as it couldve been.

For visual literacy, it was overall really good feeback and the only criticism was to make the idea clearer. The added music really helped  and so did the textures. lighting was appropriate for the scene as everything was well-lit and could be seen clearly.


Research: Tips and Tricks

In this blog post, I have decided to put the videos which helped me achieve something in Maya such as a roof cloth that appears to be slightly weighed down because of no wood beam support to animating the camera in different angles and doing cut scenes.


I used this for the roof cloth because it applied gravity and helps with how it looked.


This video shows you how to sculpt an easy landscape.

How to create low poly tree.


And basic animation of the camera in Maya.

Visual Research 2: Game

In this post, its basically all the games I looked at to look for guidance as to how a medieval game would look like and the positioning of the objects inside the game.


Previs: Textures

In this blog post, these are pretty much the textures I have used and most of them I have created myself. with the exception of the roof and dirt.

Barrel using a UV map
House Structure 1
House Structure 2
Leaves 2


Leaves 3
Stair rail using a UV map
Tree bark
Wood planks


Stone brick ver 1
stonebrick for house
Stone brick ver 2
Roof (online)
Dirt (online)



Previs: Trial Setting

These are my screen grabs for a trial scene I created on Maya to figure out what I want to do just by using simple block shapes to convey my ideas of what I want to appear in the previs.


Week 10: Introduction to Materials

For this week, we were introduced to texturing in Maya and different techniques to get a specific effect such as a see-through glass.

We talked about how to texture polygon objects inside Maya without having to take a snapshot of the UV map of the object and opening it in Photoshop to draw on it. However, another way to put a texture on the object is by simply going on Photoshop (which we will look at later) and drawing your texture and making sure that it tiles by making it seamless.

Below are the examples of textured objects made in Maya by assigning the objects a material, in this case, a lambert (matte) or a phong (shiny) and changing the colours, transparency, ambience and incandescence.crystal

The picture below have been created using the tab Colour, and clicking Apply Colour box to open up the settings to assign the colour and clicking alpha to make it transparent to give the appearance of fire or aurora borealis fading into nothing by using vertex shading. We can also draw on a polygon object in Maya (I just cant seem to remember how it goes without opening Maya).


The objects below are called sprites and are used to add minor details such as grass or particles in a scene. These were done in Photoshop and assigning a material to the plane polygon to put the sprite (texture) on it and as you will be able to tell, these were done in a hurry.crystal2



Week 9: Soft Surfaces and Organic Modelling


For week 9, created various stuff such as wine glasses, vases, vines, etc. using curves and revolve tool for the glasses and vases, and using the extrude tool for the vines.


I used the sculpt geometry tool to create this really rough sculpt of lips.sculpt

This was done with the soft selection tool and I decided to create mountains and a sea bed of some sort.soft

I created the vines to make it look like they’re intertwined with each other in between the block walls and the power lines on either side of the wall.vinepower

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