Week 1: Level Map

For the first week during our Lab session, we were tasked to create our own map for a game. It  wasn’t specified as to what genre it was supposed to be in as it was supposed to be a fun exercise and it was certainly fun to create it! 🙂

During the creating part of the map in the Lab, I was slightly stuck because nothing was popping up to me other than a FarCry map idea. I then started brainstorming ideas and came up with a pirate map that highlights treasures, fountain of youth, tribes and mystery spots. I was inspired by the Pirate of the Caribbean movies, specifically the one where they raced to find the Fountain of Youth but with dangers at bay. I didn’t put the traps in the island because that would be giving the away the excitement of playing the game 😛

I decided to make the look of the map appear worn and burnt at the edges so that it looks like it has been hidden for many many years.


The mountains, jungle,forest, and the sea has been altered using hue/saturation, brightness and contrast, etc. to fit the theme i was going for. I put a layer on top of all the other layers and spray painted a yellow ochre colour lightly to age the whole map.

I have made the key to fit the Pirates of the Caribbean story line somewhat and it also has some traps here in there that are not highlighted in the map.

The Fountain of Youth is hidden inside the cave, underneath the cave surface  or wherever is up to the person’s imagination. Most stuff that are marked on the mountains are inside the caves of the island and are well hidden as to not make it easy for the pirates/looters.


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