Analysis of other 2D/3D integration: Part 2



  • camera is from a down-up view where as the camera is on the ground below and looking up into the sky
  • focuses on the character falling out the sky


  • transparency is still apparent which is good as the character is made out of goo
  • character looks like it belongs to the scene due to lighting


  • Focal point is character and this is shown through the lack of focus on the surrounding area
  • reflection of character was not forgotten and is visible
  • lighting is also on point with the environment


  • foreground in focus and background out of focus due to the character being in the foreground

In my opinion, this video demonstrated good integration of 3D animation into a live footage as it makes good use of lighting, shadow and perspective. It also takes in account all the other factors of the character being made of goo, such as the transparency and movement of it.


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